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Our private company based out in Sydney is run by my husband and me, with a hope of reaching every new migrant in a time of their need in this country. Our entrepreneur spirit motivated us to start a company that is dedicated to providing exceptional one-on-one service to every new immigrant of Australia


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Please Note: The below times are Australian Eastern Standard Time, please calculate according to your time zone. (AEDT = UCT + 10, AET = UCT + 9)


GET THE VISA student/work/permanent residency

Pre Landing Steps:


Get the visa

Our services are provided to those who have already got their visa in hand and are starting their migration process.


Find us and contact us

Once you have your visa, then you will contact us on our website, phone, emails, etc.


Register for the services

You will get a free consultation call which will also explain the process. Once you are satisfied, you will go ahead and register for the services.


Save contact and start messaging

Once you have registered, our services will start instantly. We will be answering all your queries and taking care of your needs.


Get a check list

Before you leave your country, we'll also provide you checklist to see if you have packed all the essentials and have everything that you need.


Accommodation Assistance

We will also provide you assistance with your packing and help you look for suitable accommodation.


Fly to Australia

We will meet you once you're here & help you according to your needs.

Post Landing Steps:


Airport pick-up

We will pick you up from the airport so you don't have to worry about it after a tiring journey.


Drop off at a pre booked accommodation

We will drop you off at the address you provide where you have pre-booked your accommodation.


Phone assistance

We will stay in contact with you and assist you with all your queries.


Shopping for grocery and essentials

We also take our customers with us to shop for the first time and personally assist them in making healthy and best-priced decisions.


Transportation Assistance

We will personally take our customers to get the travelling tickets for public transport and assist in understanding how the transportation works in Sydney.


Opening bank accounts, medical cards and registration for tax number

We will be providing assistance to apply for Medicare cards and registering for the tax number. You will also get assistance in opening a bank account, credit card, and getting a locker/safe deposit vault in any bank.


Assistance in getting a driving license

Before applying for a driving license, we will make you familiar with the rules and regulations of Australian driving, and then we will assist you in applying for the license with the right documents.


Crucial General Information

We provide crucial information on the living, traveling, banking, education, health, housing, shopping, and taxation.


24 hours On going support

You can give us a call at any time of the day, and we will be there to provide our assistance and support.



prince sharma
Chandan Joshi
Divya Arora Functional Consultant at Ellucian- Sydney, Australia
Kunica Khosla Interior Designer
Harshita Sanjay Angarey Student of Macquaire University- Sydney, Australia
Dhawal Damania Founder DNTZN- Sydney, Australia

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