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September 20, 2016

Places to buy university text books for cheaper price in Sydney


Sydney is a beautiful metropolitan city. But living in a metropolitan city comes with its pros and cons, just like any other major city in the world.  If you’re a student going to university, you have limited funds and lots of things to do. So cutting corners and saving up is a priority for some.
One of the major costs going to university is text books and course material, with the costs for textbooks and related course material as high as $1,200 or more a year. With the price of textbooks increasing – in the decade to 2013, the price of textbooks worldwide increased by 82%, roughly triple the price on inflation – they are becoming less accessible to students. It makes sense to have options for renting them or exchange them in which case you’re actually effectively sharing the costs with fellow students.


  1. Library – While sitting in one place for hours with your face deep in a book might not be an exciting idea it is a novel one! High demand text books are often made available for brief periods, so you better plan this ahead of time.



2. Shop around – Unlike olden times now text books are found easily online. Some of the websites where you can buy or rent textbooks at a great bargains are

Zookal– allows you to buy, rent new or old books and allows you to sell your books too!

StudentVIP – Claims to be Australia’s biggest online textbook market, allowing its users to buy and sell textbooks.

Jekkle –  buy or rent textbooks – allows you to sell and exchange books



  1. Download open source content – There are often on campus stores that sell reused books and accept them from students for a lower price too, so one can always sell their old books to make up for the next one that needs to be bought. Many times though the older books have much lesser value if there are new editions coming out each year.



4. Check campus notice boards- Always check the university notice boards as many notices about used books by previous students are posted there. They are usually pretty cheap. Make sure you locate the notice boards at your local campus. Alternatively you can also go to other universities and check their notice boards too!



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