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September 23, 2016

6 Things You Should Do in Your First Week after You Move to a New Country


When you move to a new country, there are plenty of ups and downs, emotionally and mentally that a person has to go through to deal with the sudden change. Many spend the first week of their shift stressing about the things they don’t know about the country and worrying about the future. If you’re someone who is currently going to through something similar, know that there are more productive ways to make your international move comfortable and successful.

Here are the six most important things you should do in the first week after you move to a new country-

  1. Find Affordable Accommodationmoving1

If you have not done that already, finding a place that you can call home is important to make your transition comfortable and pleasing. Most of the immigrants are on a tight budget during the initial stages of their shift, and you should look for an accommodation that is affordable and is close to basic amenities like the grocery store and transportation.




  1. Get Familiar with the New Transportation Systemtickettypes                        

The mode of transportation in a new country is most of the times different, and you should spend some time getting acquainted with the cheapest and easiest option. Research on the best ways to get to your work or college, and don’t immediately plan to get a car.



  1. Open a Bank Account

Having a bank account is important in any country. This will be the source where all your money transactions will take place, and you should have a safe position in a bank to keep your cash. Visit a local bank and open your bank account in the first week of your move.


  1. Apply for MediCare (For Permanent Residents Only)medicare-card-pic-edited

In Australia, permanent resident citizens are eligible for government initiated medical care schemes like MediCare. Most of the developed countries have a similar platform, to make medicines and medical attention more affordable for the citizens. If you’re a permanent resident, you should apply for your MediCare.





  1. Know More about Affordable Grocery Stores

Grocery shopping is the most basic amenities of our everyday lives, and if not budgeted, it can cost you big bucks every week. To buy cheap and healthy, you should spend time researching on the various grocery stores around you, where you can get affordable and fresh produce.



  1. Get a SIM Card1424934311035

Regardless of your location in the world, to stay connected with your fellow countrymen and loved ones back at home, you will require a phone number. Whether you want to connect with your friends, or waiting for a call back on an interview, you should register yourself for a SIM card and get the best plan within seven days of your move.

Uprooting your whole life and shifting to a foreign land where you’re unfamiliar with the culture and people can get difficult and frustrating. To make your transition as easy and comfortable as possible, you should get your affairs in order by performing these essential tasks within the first week of your move.

Good Luck!



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