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October 17, 2016

Places For Lowest Priced Clothing in Sydney

Sydney has some of the best shopping precincts in the country. It has everything from high-end to High street, from Vintage to Brand- new, from designer to Street shopping. When it comes to shopping in Sydney for low prices, Bargains are everywhere- you just need to look. Whether you love bargains or just love to window shop, Sydney offers the best retail windfalls suitable to each ones styles, preferences and budgets.

Do you want the best retail brand for a fraction of a cost of the original retail price then I’d suggest having a look at the factory outlet stores of Sydney. Factory outlets are one of the best places to shop as they sell discounted items. Some of the clothes may be last season, but still it doesn’t hurt to have a look.

In Sydney, the best bargain hunt begins in Chinatown, typically in Market city and Paddy’s market.

Market city in Chinatown

13668051Just 2 minutes away from the Central station is a vibrant shopping center, located right above Paddy’s. It is the only factory outlet store in the city center. Market city has heaps of discounted clothing and accessories inspired by Asian fashion. It offers some really low prices for good brands. But you can expect fashion from last season or older. Market city is also famous for its food court, which has a wide variety of international cuisines, mainly from all over Asia. I bet you wont go hungry and will return home with a full tummy and hands full of stylish clothing.



Paddy’s market

Paddy’s market is the best place to buy cheap accessories, clothing, bags, and souvenirs. It sells a wide range of products from fresh produce grocery to home ware, imitation bags, jewellery, sunglasses, fancy beach towels, etc. You can let your imagination run wild, as whatever you can think of will be able to find it here. You can go lost in rows and rows of the market as they all sell similar items. It is a popular market amongst locals and a tourist destination; hence a handy tip would be to not hesitate while bargaining and negotiating. There is a lot of different stuff here to keep every family member happy.

Address: Market City, Hay St & Thomas Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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The next best places to shop are factory outlets. Some of the best factory outlet points are –


The Birkenhead Point

It is Sydney’s largest outlet center with over 120 premium outlets. It has all kind of brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Puma, Cotton-on, FCUK, Forever New, etc. Its located at Drummoyne, on the water of Sydney Harbour near the Iron Cove Bridge. You can shop till you drop while enjoying spectacular views. It’s a small 10 min bus ride from Town Station.

Address: 19 Roseby St, Drummoyne NSW 2047



DFO Homebush

Located at Sydney Olympic Park and approximately 15 kms away from the City Center, this outlet can offer you discounts up to 70% on some brands. It can be a heaven for shopaholics with huge brands even offering sales throughout the year on new arrivals. They have over 100 stores spread across 2 levels. You can buy lifestyle products such as home ware, electrical goods, sports goods and fashion products. I am not very sure if this store makes me happy or sad, as I do get everything I need here, but at the same time, it does make a big hole in my pocket.

Address: 3-5 Underwood Road Homebush NSW 2140

Alexandria Factory Outlets

Alexandria is a suburb in Sydney and very well known by the locals for its array of factory outlet brands. Alexandria and img_8293Waterloo are every bargain hunter’s drecotton-on-factory-outlet-photo-1am for inner suburb shopping. There are factory outlet stores for some big brands of Australia such as, Sea Folly, Wittner, SportsCraft, Diesel, Cotton-on, Puma, New Balance, etc. The shops are spread out mainly on two streets- McEvoy Street and Botany Road. This suburb shopping can be accessible both by train and bus if you intend to use public transport. The nearest station is Green Square. It’s a good way of shopping and promotes health too as there is plenty of walking involved.



Pop up sales

Well this may be new to many outsiders, but Sydney has some of the best pop-up sales all around the year. Pop-up stores are a trend of short- term sale spaces- temporary retail shops. They can be anything for a period of 1 day to 3 months. They are stores of different brands that literally pop-up out of nowhere and sell products on huge discounts. If you are lucky, you can get up-to 90% off on merchandise. Unfortunately, as they are pop-ups I wont be able to give you an exact address here, but you can always Google it. Just type “Pop-Up sales Sydney” or “Warehouse Sale Sydney” and find endless pages of different brands and locations. If you are someone who is constantly purchasing and in love with big brands, then I’d suggest to check out the pop up stores information on Google from time to time. Though there is a very good website you can look at for timely sales. i.e.




Glebe Market

Glebe market has been one of the most popular and established Saturday markets in Inner West’s suburbs for many years. It is on every Saturday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m at Glebe Point Road. Glebe Market stalls feature independent items such as vintage clothes, jewellery, hats, bags, second hand shoes, retro- accessories, second-hand Cd’s etc. Listen to some amazing live music near the good food area and make a great day out. Be prepared and don’t be afraid to look through heaps and heaps of second hand stuff, as you never know you may be able to come away with a very collectible item.

Address: Glebe Public School, Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037




kmartThis may seem obvious, but its surprising to know how many outsiders don’t know about this. Kmart is the place you can find cheap and stylish clothing for the entire family. They don’t have any known brands and mostly, specialise in their home brand clothing. You’d be able to find a pair of women’s jeans for as low as 15 AUD or stylish women dresses for 20 AUD. These can be easily accessorised with the wide collection of accessories they have in store and you can’t resist those with their rock bottom prices. Kmart stocks absolutely everything for the lowest prices available, like a toaster for $10 or artificial garden plants for as low as $15, Bed sheets for single bed $15, etc. Kmart has many stores all across Sydney, find out your nearest store by using Store Locator-Kmart.



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