About Us

What we do about us

Our private company based out in Sydney is run by my husband and me, with a hope of reaching every new migrant in a time of their need in this country. Our entrepreneurial spirit motivated us to start a company that is dedicated to providing exceptional one-on-one service to every new immigrant of Australia. We thrive to carve a pathway for new students and migrants looking to reside in Australia. Our own struggles of settling in a new land, with new people, culture, and environment inspired us to create a valuable service that will make new migrants feel at home in Australia. From airport pick-up, phone service, emergency medical care to accommodation assistance and personal touring the city, we offer it all to anyone who seeks our services.

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Our Mission

New migrants are also targeted by phonies who play their sneaky tricks and overcharge newcomers for phone services, groceries, and even accommodation rent. Our main mission is to provide services that are not only reasonably budgeted but are also helpful to people looking to make it big in Australia. There are many formalities like tax, driver license registration and opening a bank account that requires your attention. We also provide extended services for these important government provisions, which will help you, create an important connection in the biggest banks of Australia.

Our Values

We run our services for a noble cause, the cause of helping a fellow immigrant with the necessary information and assistance they need to settle comfortably in Australia. We strongly believe in values of family, friendship, and above all, humanity, which encourage us to deliver our services with full conviction and determination. Our services are designed from our experiences and hardships that we faced during our first year in Australia. We thrive to save every immigrant or student from the phonies and other problems like accommodation, communication, transportation, and much more. We understand the pain of leaving your friends and family behind, and we want to make your transition a beautiful and fulfilling experience.

Our Plans

We hope to make an impact on every migrant life and make it better and joyful from the beginning. By providing our services, we wish to touch lives of thousands of newcomers by providing them with reasonable and worthy apartments, basic information about their surroundings, emergency medical care, 24 hours support, and arranging meet up groups, to help them with this big switch in their life. The struggles of finding a place to stay without imposing on anyone, eating healthy and reasonable food, getting all your legal documents in order, getting trustworthy information about the city, meeting new people, and getting access to an affordable data connection plan are all real problems that every new migrant faces. We are here to make sure assistance is minutes away from you without burning a hole in your pocket.