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Other Services

Get the Best Phone Connection and SIM Card

With our special other services section, we are here to provide our assistance in more general areas like getting a new SIM card. Just like any country, Australia also has several data connection companies with various schemes specially designed for international students and the overseas calling requirements. When you’re new to a place, getting such necessary and the generic information is crucial, and Internet cannot always provide the right options. Only the people who have experience and knowledge can guide you to make the right decision and save you big bucks. With our experienced team members, we will give you the best contract phone and prepaid SIM card to help you connect with your family back home at any time of the day. You also need the Internet to find your way around the city, for which you need a SIM card and a phone connection, which will be provided to you after your arrival under our other services section.

Avail your Opal Card and Get Information About Transportation

Opal cards are special discounted access cards that will help you go around the city on public transportation at almost half the price. Once you have your accommodation, you will start looking for a job, or commute to your workplace, which will require buses and trains. Chances are, you will be living in the suburbs, and making daily journey from there to the city can be an expense if you don’t have the Opal card. We will help you get your special transportation card as soon as you’re ready to roam around the city, along with navigation and information about timetables of the buses and trains. You will also get data about the standard cab fare around the town, to save your money from phonies trying to loot migrants because of their lack of knowledge about the city.

Get Pre-Arrival Assistance and Overseas Fund Transfer

With our other services, you can enjoy our pre-arrival services like what essentials you should pack and what items are not required. We will guide you before your arrival about the weather conditions of the city, and what clothes you should be packing to keep your stay comfortable. You will also get airport tips along with a checklist, to make your arrival in your new city easier and more fun.

Meet Socializing Groups and Make New Friends

Making new friends can be tough in a new place, but with our other services, you can meet new people and get socializing in no time! We arrange meet up groups that will help you connect with your new world and get settled in more comfortably.

Get Study Tips and Aid with University Meetings

If you are a student and require study tips or other assistance with your college, we can provide you with the necessary information or even accompany you to your destination. You will also get a chance to meet other students of your universities, who are living in Australia for a long time and may have some valuable knowledge, to share with you!